Sample Dog Co-Ownership Agreement

Other instructions or arrangements: The owner of the dog must have ovulation time tests performed on the dog to determine the peak time for the design. 2. The owner of the dog must pay for the AI kits for Stud Dog, which is usually two kits per breeding 3. The owner of the dog must be the owner of stud when this bitch begins its heat cycle, so that a timely sperm delivery and other precautions can be taken. Please note that 48 hours after the first collection, 50% of the sperm died in the sperm sample. Live sperm are no longer viable after 72 hours. Frozen sperm are not recommended as they are not very reliable for actual design at this stage. NO ONE SHALL BREED AN AMERICAN ALSATIAN AND OBTAIN REGISTRATION OF PURE BREED CERTIFICATES WITHOUT THE WRITTEN AGREEMENT FROM THE BOARD MEMEBERS AND THE FOUNDER OF THE N.A.A.C. THE NAME “AMERICAN ALSATIAN” IS PROTECTED BY TRADE MARK RULES AND REGULATIONS AND THEREFORE NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO COPY, STEAL OR REPRODUCE IT.C. This puppy is purchased and with black laws, in the Black Law is the first legal and legal owner of the following puppy/dog until the terms of this contract are fulfilled. This pup/dog/dog is only “placed” and has not sold, and the first owner/breeder has not given any right to own such puppies/dogs/females until the terms of this contract are met. 10 3. Puppies must be delivered to the healthy breeder at seven or eight weeks of age for LER.

inspection. The breeder reserves the right to refuse puppies that do not meet the standards within 48 hours of delivery. Puppies that have symptoms of a contagious disease or die within 10 days are not responsible by Guardian Kennels. 4. The co-owner agrees to give the breeder all the information on weight, temperament, etc. and agrees that the puppies should be priced in accordance with the guidelines of the SSDCA. Legal action If the dog is lost, killed or seriously injured, so that it cannot be grown, as a result of the negligence of the co-owner or the sum of its agents or employees, the sum of 1 dollar, must be paid immediately to the breeder as liquidated damages. . This dog/dog/dog must not run down a street, be robbed or killed, or the full price of this dog/puppy/female is immediately paid to compensate the breeder for its loss. 3 Co-owners Responsibility 1. The co-owner must take full responsibility for the care of this dog.

All vaccination documents must be available for breeder inspection. The dog should also have all the regular boosters and vaccinations (adapted to your lifestyle and region). 2. The co-owner must properly interview the dog in accordance with the breeder`s recommendations. 3. In the event of an accident or injury, the co-owner must immediately inform the breeder of the condition of the illness. All veterinary or hospital costs required are the responsibility of the co-owner. 4. The co-owner is responsible for the timely registration of the female for isSR numbers for puppy and adult numbers.

_ 54 4. The dog must not have any errors that are prohibitive according to the racial standard and must be in a state of breeding by the keeper.