In Indiana If An Associate Broker Signs A Listing Agreement With A Client

IC 25-34.1-10-10 Licensed representing seller or owner; Bonds Disclosure of information Art. 10. (a) A licensee representing a seller or renter is subject to the following obligations and obligations: (1) To comply with the terms of the agency relationship with the seller or lessor. (2) Reveal and redefine and disclose the nature of the relationship with the seller or lessor in the event of a change in relationship. (3) promoting the interests of the seller or lessor by: (A) seeking a price or rent and satisfactory contractual terms for the seller or lessor; However, the underwriter is not required to solicit additional offers to purchase or lease after the seller or lessor has adopted an offer to purchase or lease, unless otherwise agreed between the parties; (B) present all offers to purchase or lease to and from the seller or lessor upon receipt of the offers, whether an offer to purchase or lease has been accepted, unless the seller or lessor has addressed something else; (C) to disclose to the seller or lessor harmful property facts or risks that the taker actually knows in connection with the real estate transaction; (D) advise the seller or lessor for relevant advice on key matters that are not the licensee`s expertise; (E) timely accounting for all funds and properties received by the seller or lessor; (F) appropriate care and skill; and (G) compliance with the requirements of this chapter and all applicable laws, rules and rules under applicable federal, regional and communal law, including the statutes, rules and rules of housing and fair civil rights. (b) A licensee representing a seller or lessor cannot disclose, without the written consent of the seller or lessor: (1) that a seller or renter accepts less than the price or rental rate indicated for the property or other contractual concessions. (2) What motivates the seller to sell or rent the property? (3) Any essential or confidential information about the seller or lessor, unless disclosure is required by law or where non-disclosure would constitute non-commercial or dishonest activity. (c) A licensee representing a seller or lessor shall not owe any obligations or obligations to the buyer or tenant, except that a buyer honestly treats all potential buyers or tenants and does not knowingly provide them with false information.